Astro season is ON

Right now I'm pretty excited because I took propably the best astro photo so far. New moon, not too many clouds, nearly astronomical darkness, shooting stars, could it really be any better. In my opinion: NO, except some auroras would be welcome, but anyhow last night was stunning. The fresh autumn scent floating in the air in the middle of dark forest. I can't imagine anything cooler than this. I took 100 frames for my timelapse video also which is nice as well. Unfortunately this week's weather forecast doesn't look too good for me. It's going to rain whole week.

Canon 6D
Samyang 14mm
30 sec


Photo weekend

Last weekend was quite amazing. I was instructor at a 3-day photographing camp. I had the pleasure of meeting some young promising photographers and working with insanely talented models. This was one of the best moments of this summer without a doubt. Significent thanks for everyone who participated. And special thanks for Samuel for taking the silhouette portrait of me.