Hola people! Last week I was on a vacation at Tenerife, and I took pretty awesome photos! I'll post some of them as I manage to process them ( plenty of panoramas incoming! ).

... And yes I was photographing sunset above clouds!


The Moon Halo

Usually I hate the moon, but today is an exception. The moon made a dim halo to the sky which I found rather cool! My facebook page also hit 200 likes today, so this post is to celebrate those thumbs you've given me, THANK YOU SO MUCH! In case you don't already like my page please do it HERE


Astro remake

Hello people! Like usually "it's been quiet for a while". I'm not going to lie to you, honestly I've been lazy, and that's all. Last weekend was quite amazing, I had three workshops about astro photography at Kuva&Kamera -fair, and I met one of my biggest idols MIKKO LAGERSTEDT! I also learned a couple of new techniques how to process astro photos, which is super exciting and that's the reason for today's post. I reprocessed one of my personal favourite astro photos, and the difference between these two images is huge. The result with this advanced techinique is incredible, I'm pretty stoked!

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