Forgotten astro

Lately I've been photographing A LOT, and I totally had forgotten one quite nice astro photo. This one was taken in September. You can see more of the sweet middle part of Milky Way in this photo compared to the previous one I posted, and day by day Milky Way is disappearing beyond the horizon.

camera - Nikon D300S
lens - Tokina 11 - 16mm
exposure time - 30 sec
aperture - f/2.8
iso - 3200
focal lenght - 12mm


Farewell summer

Now I'm 100 % sure that summer has definitely ended. I'm not happy about it because I love summer, but on other hand the autumn colours are one of the most coolest thing we have in Finland. These two photos were taken at a nature photography course, thanks for everyone who participated. I had really nice feedback about these photos from my teacher, his comment was something like this: "hmmmphmm ... hmmmphmmhnm ... There's nothing that I would change, these are ready to be sold".


Astral greatness

I guess that earlier this week I got the best milky way photo so far. The feeling when you're standing in the middle of forest, total darkness surrounds you and the only thing you hear is the wind gently blowing. Staring the sky upon you, you see thousands and thousands of stars and it makes you feel a very small piece in this huge universe. Your everyday misfortures start to feel meaningless.

I want to thank Andrei for my new stamp. In my opinion it looks really cool especially if you compare it to my previous one. 


Photography course pt.1

Here we go again! I had a photography course a week ago at the local adult education centre, and I'm currently having another one. The first one was pretty much the same that I had last year. It was about playing with your camera and doing ridiculous things with different kinds of lights, filters, ice, plants, tiny figures and much more. If you ask me that's an excellent way to spend your weekend. I took ~ 700 photos during that weekend, so I won't post them in a single post. Thanks for everyone who participated the course and assisted me with my photos, and special thanks for the teacher of course :)

Cool stuff

Poikkeuksellisesti kirjoitan taas suomeksi, koska aiemmin julkaisin postauksen diy macrolinssistä, jossa mainitsin että suomenkieliselle postaukselle on syynsä, ja palaavani asiaan myöhemmin. Syy suomenkieliseen postaukseen oli se, että kyseisen kirjoituksen oli tarkoitus toimia testiartikkelina nuoretvalokuvaajat.fi -sivustolle, johon haettiin uutta kirjoittajaa. Nyt näin "pienellä" viiveellä kun asiat ovat vähitellen omien ja muiden asianomaisten henkilöiden kiireiden helpotettua selvinneet, niin voin ylpesti kertoa teille olevani osa NVK:n kirjoittajakaartia. Tämä ei tarkoita etten kirjoittaisi blogia yhtä aktiivisesti kuin ennen, vaan päinvastoin. Minun tapauksessani nälkä kasvaa syödessä, ja aion kuvata ja perehtyä valokuvauksen ihmeelliseen maailmaan entistäkin aktiivisemmin. Täältä pääsette lukemaan toisen artikkelini. Loistavaa syksyn alkua kaikille!