Steel w.. what?!

While taking steel wool photos we I had couple of sparklers with me, so instead of burning steel wool there is sparkler burning bright but the main idea still remains. This was very unforgettable night. This railroad is still in active use, so whether there a train coming or not. 


Astro lakescape

This is a follow-up for the previous photo, not self-portrait though this time. I was actually trying how far can I go with my iso. This one was taken with iso-1600 and it's still suitable even though my body isn't the most expensive high-end camera.

exposure time - 59 sec
aperture - f/2.8
iso - 1600
focal lenght - 11mm
body - nikon d300s


Perseid self-portrait

Here's a slightly unusual self-portrait taken during the perseid meteor shower last week. The location is my usual astro-spot. I noticed it is still too bright even though there's no Moon on the sky. This photo was taken around 2.30am and you can already see the dawn - conclusion: I still have to wait for darker nights.

exposure time - 105 sec
aperture - f/2.8
iso - 100
focal lenght - 11mm
body - nikon d300s


The Wanderer

Here's another photo from the stranger photoshoot as I promised. Like I hyped in the previous post I am pretty satisfied with these photos, I have to admit that I still consider these as one of the best photos I've taken so far. The atmosphere is pretty creepy, a lonely man surrounded by the darkness and mist, yikes! Personally I wouldn't like to run into guy like that in similar surroundings in real life.


The stranger

Suddenly last friday night I got call from my friend. He wanted to go out to look for mist to take some photos for his band. This was a very tempting invitation and it took less than a second before I said yes to him. I've been waiting for warm summer days to turn in chilling autumn evenings so I can start photographing stars again. Even though I tried to take some astro photos, it was still too bright in the middle of the night although it was the new Moon, but I succeeded with the mist photos and band photos pretty well. Mist photos will be posted later. Here's one of my best photos taken in my opinion.