Astro photo pt.2

Here is an another photo from my astro photography adventures. This one is taken with fisheye, that explains the massive barrel distortion. 

exposure time - 30 sec
aperture - f/3.5
iso - 400
focal length - 8mm



The new and interesting thing (at least in my opinion) I told you about was astro photography. My torment is now over, I saw clear night sky (partially) first time in two weeks and of course I photographied it. I'm still strugling with the focusing and exposure. Here is one photo from this week, I will post more of these later as I learn to photograph the night sky. 

exposure time - 30 sec
aperture - f/5.6
iso - 800
focal length - 30mm


Another hippie photo shoot

After two days in portrait photography course I asked my co-workers little sister to be my model again to see if I have improved. Personally I'm satisfied with the photos we got. Only problem was sudden superfast sunset :(


Portrait photography course pt. 1

Once again I've been really busy, but here is one photo from last weekend's portrait photography course. We had this lovely model for couple of hours in our use (I want to thank her very much). Taking portraits is actually pretty hard when you have to compose your model the way you want. It is even more complicated if you don't have a clear vision in your head how you to capture your model. I had no idea what to expect from this course, so I didn't prepare myself at all before the course, but at least I got one photo that satisfies me. What do you think of this portrait? Colours, focusing, composition or anything, please let me know.


Some call this tradegy

Last night I was photographing my friend's band. Here is a few shots from the gig. Feel free to visit their facebook page. I'm too tired to write more than this, so lets skip the fore play, here comes the photos.


Long exposure motion

I guess it's time for a little experiment. This is very easy one to do. All you need is a camera and a tripod. The idea is to capture head- and brakelights as one lightbeam. This would be much easier to do if you don't live in a ghost town like I do. There were like two cars driving past my spot in minute, so I had to do a little stitching in photoshop. Just put all your photos (taken from same spot) in one file in separate layers and change blending mode to lighten in every layer except the original one. I had five or six layers in this one. Photos were take with around 8 seconds timing, f8 and iso 200. If you have taken photos like this, post them for me :)