Surfing in Finland ... honestly I would never have though it could be possible to do that in Finland until last week when I was invited to Sirius Sport Resort by my cousin to photograph his "amazing" surfing skills and witness how these three cool surfer chicks showed my cousin and his friend how to REALLY surf. This photo shoot really made my hidden surfer blood to flow in my veins and I'm going there to prove how to surf like a pro (read how to embarrass yourself totally) on Thursday. I guess I nailed the photo shoot pretty well since I managed to make my cousin look like he knows what he is doing ... at least in a few photos :P


After couple of attemps my cousin decided to start "freestyling" (love you bro :D)


Sparkling sunday

Last week I hyped the amazing steelwool photos I took, and now I guess it's decent time to show one of them for you. This is the one you already saw earlier in as the teaser photo. I like this one very much because of the reflection, and there are couple of different photos coming later. This night was extreme, because we didn't just spin steel wool, Leevi was breathing fire as well.


The traveller

I took some pretty amazing photos on Sunday night but I won't publish them yet, please be patient. Friday night was also quite stunning. Having fresh autumn scent in the air and being surrounded by the dark and mist, that's the kind of stuff I like. It really helps you to clear your mind, I can honestly recommend going out to the nature at night time for everyone. I'm glad I spent this amazing night out in the middle of nowhere with very special company instead of drinking beer in a stuffy bar. We saw the Milky Way shining and shooting stars flying on the clear sky. However it's not the time for Milky Way photos yet, it's definitely time for another "lonely stranger" photo.


Playing with fire

Yes, I've started my steelwool season. Since I can't anymore photograph beautiful clear sky every night I need something else to play with, something to compensates the beautiful calm nature. My choice number one STEEL WOOL! Here's a a little something what's about to come, thank you very much Juuso for this photo.