Long exposure motion

I guess it's time for a little experiment. This is very easy one to do. All you need is a camera and a tripod. The idea is to capture head- and brakelights as one lightbeam. This would be much easier to do if you don't live in a ghost town like I do. There were like two cars driving past my spot in minute, so I had to do a little stitching in photoshop. Just put all your photos (taken from same spot) in one file in separate layers and change blending mode to lighten in every layer except the original one. I had five or six layers in this one. Photos were take with around 8 seconds timing, f8 and iso 200. If you have taken photos like this, post them for me :)


  1. Haha just ois suunnitelmissa ottaa tälläsiä kuvia valokuvaustunnille!

    1. Täytyykin olla valppaana, kun ilmestyy blogiin asti :)