Milky way, nothern lights and shooting stars

As I said yesterday, fuck the portraits, it’s time for another astrophoto! It was freezing cold outside, but what wouldn’t an astrophoto addict do for a proper shoot. There are better photos as well but I decided to post this one as it has the shooting star in as well.

In this photo, I managed to capture many exciting things. My main goal was to take a picture of the Milky Way but just because I am so pro, I managed to capture the northern lights as well. And if you watch carefully enough, you might also the shooting star I mentioned. At first I corrected the barrel distortion caused by the lens but after all decided to let it be. What do you guys think, should’ve I corrected it after all or not? While I was taking these photos, I actually managed to lose one of my lenses. The 30mm lens was lost for an hour but I luckily found it. It lying between the rocks just 10cm away from the freezing cold water.

exposure time -  30 sec
aperture - f/3.5
iso - 1000
focal length - 8mm

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